How does coaching work?

Life Coaching sessions aim to move you through the following stages:

1. Explore the life areas you want to change ( why and in what way).

2. Determine the goals you want to achieve in your different life areas, and how to go about achieving them.

3. Create a space where you can explore and discover your values.

4. Help you overcome the obstacles getting in the way of you achieving your goals.  

5. Develop your confidence and self-awareness throughout the process.

As your coach I cannot wait to find out about you, what makes you tick and how your wonderful mind works. 

Over the 12 week Programme we explore together. We go on an adventure. Are you ready for a breakthrough, new ideas and a renewed sense of purpose?

The programme that is completely tailored to your needs and includes:

  • Regular 1:1 sessions via Skype or at a location of your choice (at least once a fortnight) - 1 Hour  

  • Reflection questionnaire before you start and after completing the 12 week programme. For you to keep track of your journey and to allow us to assess how far you’ve come.

  • Exercises and check-ins (phone or email) in-between sessions.

  • Access to me via email and Whats App for the duration of the Programme.

  • Me – believing in you and supporting you along the way!

Fees are easy and transparent: Full 12-week Programme is £495. 

Kata uses her wonderfully unique way of thinking to help me through things, as well as guide me into thinking things differently, that I may have not thought before. Kata is a person who has an amazing way of connecting with people. She is empathetic, and always wants to be there first and foremost to help people. She gives a lot of her time and energy to do this, and her mind, her words and her effort are second to none. Beginning Kata’s coaching has completely changed my way of thinking. I feel a lot of this is down to her nature and the way she approaches the topics in our sessions- I feel like I could talk effortlessly about anything to her. She does not push me in a forceful way- rather uses techniques and words to forward my thinking, and help me come to realisations myself. I hold Kata and her coaching in the highest of regards, and think that her sessions are absolutely revolutionary and life changing.’
— Lois Campbell, Drama Student, South Bank University


 I work within charities, schools, universities and the workplace, where young people are finding their feet. I’m interested in working with any organisation that would like to nurture and support their young people at whatever stage they may be at, in a capacity that is purposeful and beneficial for those involved.

Please get in touch for further details of how I can tailor a programme for your organisation, involving one-to-one and group coaching, integrated with mindfulness and relaxation.