Kata Armitage provides coaching services for businesses that care about the people who work for them and the value that they bring to your business. We provide a bespoke, value driven well-being service that is more than just a box ticking exercise.

Does this describe you?

  • You know that by providing regular time and space for your employees to confidentially voice concerns and to find balance and relaxation will enable them to perform better at work.

  • You want to create a culture where well-being is not only prioritised but embedded.

  • You might want to focus on supporting the work of your young graduates to enable them to feel their best, allowing them the space and time to focus on their strengths.

  • You know that staff stress levels need to be looked after in order to increase productivity and retention.

How can Kata Armitage Coaching help?

  • One or more coaches can provide a confidential space to support the well-being of staff.

  • A confidential space to explore issues

  • A focus on managing stress and focusing on strengths

  • A bespoke training programme for Graduates

Coaching Packages

One to One Coaching Clinic for employees

Coaching provided by one or more coaches depending on the number of employees. These can be drop in sessions or they can be on-going regular sessions over a longer period of time.

talks/BESPOKE WELL-being workshops

Open to all employees and covering a wide range of topics, provoking real conversations around relevant issues. The talks incorporate a mixture of theory and practice and cover topics from sleep and stress to hands on practical techniques of how to calm the mind and thoughts for a clearer and more productive day.

Kata hosted a relaxation and sleep workshop for a group of marathon runners from the media, to help them mentally prepare for the race and ensure they were able to sleep well in the run up to the big day. I was really impressed with the session, from the way Kata is with people to the results that it provoked. Kata is highly knowledgeable and creative which is a great mix for a session such as this. Everyone was put at ease and thoroughly enjoyed the event. Participants expressed how well they slept that night and felt that they were much better mentally prepared for the race. I would highly recommend working with Kata - she is brilliant at what she does and a pleasure to work with.
Jo Pockett, Senior Comms Manager