Kata Armitage provides coaching services for schools, sixth form colleges and universities who care about creating a culture where putting the well-being of their students is at the core of what they do.

You care about the well-being of your young people. 

  • You recognise that supporting the well-being of young people should be an absolute priority.

  • You see the value in creating a space where young people can have their voice heard and valued as well as being able to share their thoughts, doubts, fears, strengths and potential in a safe space.

  • You see the value in helping your students find balance between academic study and nourishing activities. 

  • You believe that coaching has a place within the education space that is of great value to those who participate.

  • You are aware that mindfulness and breath practices are a way for young people to connect with themselves and understand themselves better.

  • You believe that personal development needs to have a meaningful place in Education.

  • You know that with the right techniques and accountability, young people have more of a chance to flourish.

Do any of these describe you?

It creates a safe space where young people can explore their concerns and challenges whilst developing self-awareness.

  • A combination of excellent coaching and simple mindfulness techniques create tools for life to help your students with the various issues they may face as adults.

  • It will empower young people to find solutions within themselves with the appropriate support and guidance.

  • It will engender the development of peer to peer empathy and communication.

Why bring our services into your place of Education?


We provide two coaching packages for Education providers:

Package 01


Morning and/or afternoon mindfulness and breath practice for staff and students. 

One to One Coaching - where young people can drop-in or have regular sessions over the course of an academic term. 

Benefits of one to one coaching:

  • To increase confidence and self-awareness

  • To help manage stress and workload

  • To feel more connected with self and others

  • To recognise strengths

  • To work towards goals with guidance and support

Package 02 ‘coach this space’


Focused group coaching for up to 8 students. These sessions run for 1.5 hours. They can be incorporated into the day, be delivered as stand alone workshops or run as an after school club for half a term or a full term.

Group Coaching:

  • A new space where students can feel comfortable to explore their shared concerns whilst improving their well- being, as well as developing communication skills for life.

  • The coaching space develops their ability to ask meaningful questions, be effective listeners and promote curiosity.

  •  Young people build confidence and resilience through the experience of being open and honest in a group setting where trust building is key and supporting their peers becomes instinctive.

  • The coaching takes place over a number of weeks and includes the teaching of mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Our Sixth Formers found Kata very approachable and her coaching style is flexible, responsive and intuitive. Her uplifting, positive and fun personality make her easy to open up to and wonderful to work with. Our girls left her sessions feeling validated and empowered.
— Dr Lee, Head of 6th Form, Queen’s Gate School