The edit

  • It’s collaborative

  • Gain new perspectives

  • Encourages you to find your own solutions

  • Get out of your head and into your body

  • Tailored to you as an individual

  • Goals feel reachable

  • Moving you forward and closer to the things you want

The longer version

Coaching is completely collaborative and we do it together.

There are no rules other than coaching being a time and space that is simply focused on you.

Sessions are informal and relaxed but purposeful. They offer a time for you to explore and try out new ways of thinking, being and doing.

Sessions are led by you without judgement.

Each session can offer up new ideas and perspectives; they tend to bring out solutions that you already have within you. 

There is a mindful approach to my methodology that encourages a new way of becoming more self-aware. This helps you to get out of your head and into your senses and feelings for a more whole-body approach. 

The coaching we do together draws on a variety of coaching tools and techniques combined with humour and empathy. This is a significant relationship that requires complete trust.  

It is an integrative approach because we’re pretty complex beings and one size does not fit all. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration as different individuals respond to different approaches, therefore it’s important to keep the way we work varied and dynamic.

Coaching is a unique experience tailored to your needs.

Goals that once seemed daunting and impossible become more real and tangible.

With well timed support and guidance these goals become reachable.


You’ll come away from each session with a new sense of purpose and equipped with  

an understanding of what matters and where your priorities should lie. You may gain an understanding of where to place your energy and time. Sessions are part of a process and they provide a place to explore and a time solely focused on you. The mindful, body-oriented element of the coaching means that there isn’t just a focus on understanding but also on feeling. When we are adding in this dimension there is a deeper connection with self and others.

The benefits of coaching extend way beyond the session itself as there are catch ups between sessions and meeting once a week or once a fortnight means there is momentum. The more engagement and challenge there is, the more exciting the process can be. You will notice new opportunities and situations opening up around you with a sense of energy and possibility. 

Coaching is like going on an adventure and can open up new pathways and ideas that hadn’t seemed possible before.  Coaching is empowering, because it is all from you, led by you and shaped by you. You decide what you want to get from each session. Coaching is  guided by me, your personal cheerleader standing on the sidelines of your life. 

It’s amazing what can be achieved when you are supported by others who have your best interests at heart.


Investing in ourselves is something we are doing more and more. Why? Because you deserve to put yourself first and to feel fulfilled and happy in whatever you’re doing. A new approach to what you’re currently doing can be refreshing. Sometimes that reset button needs to be pressed.

Life is often immensely difficult and testing and you deserve to be supported during these times. An outside perspective helps you to get clarity on things pretty quickly.  Our head can get filled with all sorts of messiness and it is of great value to have a good conversation with a professional. 

All coaches have coaches themselves as they see that in order to practice coaching you have to be experiencing it yourself to make the biggest impact possible. The consequences of not taking action can result in more procrastination, less motivation and less willingness to try new things. A circle of stuckness that is harder to get away from. 

The benefit of this work is like a full M.O.T for body and mind, resulting in a clearer vision of the life that you want and the part you want to play in it. You will gain a clear idea of the  action that you need to take and the confidence that comes from the doing. An investment in you, your life and your dreams. There is no time other than now to get started.

Breaking through any old feelings that may have been holding you back and creating a new direction, emerging stronger, more connected and knowing that you are doing what you want to do and not what someone else had in mind for you. 

Breaking things down into smaller steps clears a way for the future that you want to create  and that is yours for the taking, a future that is filled with excitement and inspiration.

Coaching takes place over the course of 3 months and includes 6+ one hour sessions with e-mails and whatsapp between sessions. The sessions are usually face to face or via Skype depending on what suits you.