My Experience

After graduating from Manchester University, Drama BA(Hons) and completing a Drama PGCE at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama I spent many years in London and abroad working in the Arts and Education as a Drama and English teacher, facilitator, director and workshop leader. I love directing theatre and seeing young people work together creatively with a shared purpose. Throughout my experience working in Secondary education I have often questioned whether school equips us with the necessary skills to feel happy and to succeed in life.

This is what led me to Coaching. Teaching drama has taught me how to create a space where we can make exciting discoveries about ourselves. Coaching is also a space that offers a powerful and invaluable conversation about ourselves.

Alongside my 10 years+ working in Education I am a fully qualified life coach with over 100+ hours, having trained at the world’s leading transformational coach training school Animas. I have worked in the area of relaxation therapy, mindfulness and sleep, leading workshops and giving talks in London.

I have known Kata for five years and worked with her for three. Kata is a phenomenal teacher who always brought passion, commitment and a determination for every student to be the best they could be. She formed outstanding relationships with staff, students and parents and I cannot recommend her more highly.
— Oliver Hamdi, Vice Principal, City of London Academy Islington
Being coached by Kata has been liberating and has opened my eyes to all the things I can achieve, just by believing in myself. When I started I found it really hard to talk about myself but it’s something I got better at doing. Kata has a down to earth style and it’s been a life changing experience.
— Antoine, Company Three, 20


My Story

I’m a conversationalist, story-teller and all round life enthusiast, able to laugh at and put a positive spin on almost anything. A teacher, traveller, adventurer and free spirit who loves people more than anything else. In all their forms, with all their imperfections. I pride myself on the relationships I’ve built and nurtured in my life and career with people I look up to, my teachers, my colleagues and above all my students. Go back quite a few years and it was a different story.

Being diagnosed with a learning difficulty, Dyspraxia, at 14-years-old was a conflicting and confusing experience. I call it the less glamorous sibling of dyslexia, as there never appeared to be any highly successful business owners, celebrities or creatives that mentioned they had it, whereas plenty speak of their dyslexia.

When you hear those initial words, on one hand you feel this immense relief. ”I’m not stupid, hooray, phew, there’s a reason for all this!” On the other hand there is the life long struggle of trying not to let this diagnosis and title define you, who you are and what you may or may not be able to achieve in the future. It can be used as an excuse but when viewed with a positive eye it simply illustrates the unique qualities that we have. It wasn’t easy and certainly from 14 to 21 I suffered with bouts of depression as a result. Only in recent years, with coaching, amongst other things to thank, have I truly been able to understand my real strengths and even fully appreciate them.

I remember that day so clearly, being 14, sitting at the table whilst attempting to put together an impossible puzzle, feeling mild panic rising up inside me. Luckily the warmness, patience and empathy of the woman across from me felt sincere. She leant across the table and put her hand on mine. “Don’t worry dear, 18-year-old boys have cried over this one!” Relief again, washed over me, reassuring me that I wasn’t alone in this feeling, that out there in the big wide world were others like me. Empathy is key and I’m so grateful to all the people in my life who have reminded me I’m actually pretty great!

But that realisation took a long time, far too long! I don’t believe anyone should have to wait as long as I did to realise how uniquely wonderful they are and how easy it is to embrace and be just that. Us. This is what drives me. Let’s start now, right now. Wherever or however you may be. Working together will be an adventure - challenging when it needs to be, but that, of course, is all part of the fun.