The benefits of working with me:

  • Vast experience of working with young people

  • A new and fresh perspective towards coaching that gets to the root of the problem fast

  • A fun and collaborative way of working

  • I’ve trained in the latest body oriented coaching techniques and offer an innovative holistic approach

I am a certified Transformational life coach, teacher, speaker and mentor with over 120+ hours experience. I am passionate about coaching and reaching a younger audience and know it is a valuable and essential process during times of change or uncertainty. I believe this work to be the essence of growth and learning and it leads to impact and huge change in people’s lives. I have been lucky enough to have coached incredible students, actors, directors, creatives, entrepreneurs and those at the early stages or later stages of their careers to unlock their potential and move them forward.

I’ve worked in Education for over 10 years, teaching Drama and English in London and Barcelona, directing theatre and mentoring. I have always had an interest in holistic therapies, well-being and generally what we can do to make us and keep us feeling grounded.

I’ve been a reiki practitioner for over 10 years and trained in enhanced hypnotic repatterning and body-centred coaching that takes into consideration people as a whole: body and mind. 

I have experience speaking to companies and at events, schools and sixth form colleges on the subject of sleep and stress and have created bespoke talks and workshops for clients such as Google and Lucozade sport. 

Why I became a life coach:

I’m a conversationalist, story-teller and all round life enthusiast, able to laugh at and put a positive spin on almost anything. A teacher, traveller and adventurer. I pride myself on the relationships I’ve built and nurtured in my life and career with people I look up to and have been lucky enough to work with.

Being diagnosed with a learning difficulty, Dyspraxia, at 14-years-old was a conflicting and confusing experience. I call it the less glamorous sibling of dyslexia, as there never appeared to be any highly successful business owners, celebrities or creatives that mentioned they had it, whereas plenty speak of their dyslexia.

When you hear those initial words, on one hand you feel this immense relief and on the other hand there is the life long struggle of trying not to let this diagnosis and label define you, who you are and what you may or may not be able to achieve in the future. When viewed positively it simply illustrates the unique qualities that we have. It wasn’t easy and certainly from 14 to 21 I suffered with bouts of depression as a result. Only in recent years, with coaching, amongst other things to thank, have I truly been able to understand my real strengths and even fully appreciate them.

The more clients I work with, the more I see that we are carrying labels or expectations that were placed on us from a young age and within education. Coaching is a space that offers that powerful and invaluable conversation about ourselves and is the best tool to change our way of thinking. What drives me is that no one should wait as long as I did to realise how uniquely wonderful they are.