When I started working with Kata, I wasn’t very clear on the steps I had to take to achieve my goals. After the second session, things started to shape up and I can confidently say that she has been instrumental in helping me achieve success. Her inquisitive nature and her ability to leverage on my strengths, made me feel I got much more clarity after each session. Thanks Kata!
— Jaume Boix, Entrepreneur
I have had such an amazing time getting coached by Kata. She helped me untangle my very messy thoughts about where I want to be in life and how to progress past challenges. Her holistic approach was a new experience for me, and I love it. I am always so pleased by how much clarity she can enable me to reach and tap into by the end of each session.
— Faye, Graduate, Theatre Director

I came to Kata with difficulties in my confidence, both in my work and personal life. In a relatively short space of time I really began to notice the difference in my attitude and my approach to life and work. It helped enormously that we connected on a personal level and I found our sessions fluid, engaging and fun. I continue to feel confident and regularly employ the techniques that we worked on together.
— Guy, Production Design

I worked with Kata as my coach last year, and I found her calm and experienced guidance invaluable. Our sessions helped me get a promotion at work and also motivated me to take up tennis again- after 15 years. Have never been happier - thank you Kata.
— Tom, Head of Sales at a Business Intelligence Company
Kata’s patient approach allows me to be open and honest. Through working with Kata I have gained a better understanding of where my thoughts come from. Every session I learn more about myself and walk away with a sense of clarity.
— Kassius, Actress

At University our son started to experience depression, self-doubt and was unable to motivate himself. With our son being so far away we felt quite helpless and didn’t know how we could support him. Kata came highly recommended and after a Skype conversation we put the two in touch. With Kata’s support and guidance he is now in his final year and on track to getting a 2:1. Kata is personable, yet professional, grounded, eminently approachable and an excellent listener. She has an extraordinary ability to combine empathy with practical and positive guidance. From a parents’ perspective we are so grateful to Kata. We can always tell when he’s had a session with her as he seems fired up with renewed optimism. Thank you Kata.
— Parent

Being coached by Kata has been liberating and has opened my eyes to all the things I can achieve, just by believing in myself. When I started I found it really hard to talk about myself but it’s something I got better at doing. Kata has a down to earth style and it’s been a life changing experience.
— Antoine, Actor and Baker
Kata’s warm and friendly manner combined with emotional wisdom and boundless patience makes her somebody that I can rely on to help me overcome the issues that sometimes make me feel self-conscious, anxious and insecure. I always come away feeling positive and motivated.
— Josh, Marketing

Kata uses her wonderfully unique way of thinking to help me through things, as well as guide me into thinking things differently, that I may have not thought before. Kata is a person who has an amazing way of connecting with people. She is empathetic, and always wants to be there first and foremost to help people. She gives a lot of her time and energy to do this, and her mind, her words and her effort are second to none. Beginning Kata’s coaching has completely changed my way of thinking. I feel a lot of this is down to her nature and the way she approaches the topics in our sessions- I feel like I could talk effortlessly about anything to her. She does not push me in a forceful way- rather uses techniques and words to forward my thinking, and help me come to realisations myself. I hold Kata and her coaching in the highest of regards, and think that her sessions are absolutely revolutionary and life changing.
— Lois, Drama Graduate